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Salmon Egg Glo-Bug Fly

Salmon Egg Glo-Bug Fly

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Experience the allure of simplicity with the Salmon Egg Fishing Fly – nature's own secret weapon replicated to perfection. Designed to mimic the coveted salmon egg, a high-protein delicacy in the aquatic food chain, this fly captures the vibrant colour and enticing round shape of the real thing, ensuring it draws attention in the water.

Crafted with a translucent finish, the Salmon Egg Fishing Fly glistens in the water, replicating the natural sheen of fresh salmon roe. Its soft texture and dense core give it just the right amount of buoyancy, allowing it to drift naturally, similar to a real egg carried by the current.

When to Use: The Salmon Egg Fishing Fly is most effective during salmon spawning seasons, where fish such as trout, char, and even other salmon are on the lookout for stray eggs to snack on. As salmon lay their eggs in gravel beds, many become dislodged and drift downstream, becoming easy prey for hungry fish. When fishing in rivers or streams where salmon are spawning or have recently spawned, the Salmon Egg fly can be a game-changer. It's particularly useful in clear to slightly turbid waters where its vibrant hue can be easily spotted.

Remember, timing and location are critical. Use the Salmon Egg Fishing Fly when you're in salmon territories during spawning runs, and watch as fish can't resist the allure of this protein-packed treat. With this fly on your line, you'll tap into the natural feeding instincts of fish, promising an exhilarating fishing adventure!

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