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Why we were born

Chapman Outdoors was born because of how hard it is to find great fishing gear at a realistic price. We also know how expensive it can be to buy what you need, when you need it.

Buying fishing gear should be easy. We created Chapman Outdoors to make being outdoors, doing what we love easier. Our first customers were ourselves, so you can trust that everything we send you, we're using ourselves.

  • Brennen Slater

    Definitely enjoyed the mystery box. Started fly fishing this summer, so it was a good starting point!

  • James Dredge

    Got my first box today and love it! Lots of great flies; this is going to have me loaded up in no time.

  • Jordan Varga

    Got mine! Some neat flies in there. The note was a great surprise though and I like supporting a business from my home town.

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Why Chapman Outdoors

Because we believe in the experience. We believe you shouldn't be limited by the tackle you have. And really, can you have too much of something you love?

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